Center Filled Muffins Masterclass by Ani Setia


A newbie on the block! This Valentine’s gift something soulful!
After this class, Muffins will never be the same – Exciting flavour combinations, universally useful fillings, Healthier – in demand variants.
And yes, these quickies are tastier than your favourite desserts and snacks!
To register:
Paytm | Gpay | Phonepe @ +91-88245-49562
& WhatsApp the screenshot to the same number.
We Cover:
– How to decide flavour combinations for a muffin
– How to use healthier flours
– How to use Vegetables in muffins
– How to use fruits in muffins
– How to make no filling muffins
– How to make the centre filled muffins
– How to make muffins Valentine friendly
Tripple Chocolate Muffin (Composition)
– Whole Wheat and Oats flour
– Banana Puree
– Home-made Nutella filling (Recipe Included)
– Chocolate base
– Choco chip or Choco chunks
Lemon Berry Classic Muffins (Composition)
– Semolina flour
– Zucchini/Cucumber
– Home-made lemon curd (Recipe Included)
– Lemon base
– Fresh berries
Pizza muffins (Composition)
– Semolina flour
– Mixed vegetables
– Cheese Sauce (Recipe Included)
– Yeast no knead dough based (No yeast recipe included)
– Optional grated carrot
Corn Spinach Cheesy Muffins
– Multigrain flour
– Fresh Spinach and corn
– Hot and sweet Red Sauce (Recipe Included)
– No Yeast batter based (with Yeast recipe included)
– Optional grated pumpkin
Guava spiced muffins (Discussion)

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