Restaurant Style Sizzlers Workshop by Ani Setia


!! 2-day workshop !!
How about taking your love for Barbeque to the next level?
Sizzlers are a a complete meal, a harmonious medley of flavours served sizzling on hot plate.
How about simplifying the Exotic dish so that you can make Restaurant style sizzlers at home with ease and at one forth the cost?
Learn 5 popular sizzlers with 4-5 elements of each.
Even better, learn how to create your own sizzlers
** They can be made without sizzler plate too!
To register:
Paytm | Gpay | Phonepe @ +91-88245-49562
& WhatsApp the screenshot to the same number.
We Cover:
Day 1
– How to configure a sizzler (Elements)
– How to make khila khila rice at home
– How to blanch vegetables for Stir fry
– How to prepare a sizzler plate
– How to use a tawa in place of a sizzler plate
– How to serve a sizzler
– How to make French Fries at home (discussion)
– How to make potato wedges at home (discussion)
– How to make potato bites at home (discussion)
Vegetable Sizzler
– Vegetable Stir Fry
– Crispy Vegetable Patty (Tikki)
– Barbeque red Sauce
– Stir Fry Rice
– Stuffed tomato
– Grilled Onion
Paneer Shashlik Sizzler
– Peppery Vegetables Stir Fry
– Grilled Paneer Shashlik
– Dark Barbeque Sauce
– Herbed Rice
– Caramelized Onion
Day 2
Mexican Sizzler
– Mexican Vegetable Stir Fry
– Mexican Bean Vegetable Patty (Tikki)
– Mexican creamy Sauce
– Mexican Rice
– Crispy Nachos (Recipe Discussed)
Italian Sizzler
– Italian Vegetable Stir fry
– Quick Pizza Strips
– Italian Red Sauce
– Cheesy Red Sauce Pasta
– Grilled Stuffed peppers
Chinese (Chili Paneer) Sizzler
– Chinese Vegetable Stir fry
– Quick non fried Chili Paneer
– Hot Garlic Sauce
– Garlic Butter Noodles
– Crispy Gobhi Manchurian

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