Elevated Rava (Sooji) Breads


!! Masterclass by Ani !!
Loaf | Masala Loaf | Honeycomb | Wool Roll | Monkey bread
This week is about elevation. Let’s elevate our Breads.
Let’s make Rava breads that are not just as soft as the Maida bread, but also more flavorful in interesting shapes and sizes.
To register:
Paytm | Gpay | Phonepe @ +91-88245-49562
& WhatsApp the screenshot to the same number.
Credit / Debit Card option is also available.
We Cover:
– Rava Bread Loaf
– Masala Bread Loaf
– Adding Vegetables in the loaf
– Adding spices in the loaf
– Honeycomb Bread
– Cheese stuffed Bread
– Pan cooked, pull apart bread.
– Easy to shape and bake
– Great for parties
– Stuffed Wool Roll Bread
– Cutting and stuffing method
– Tasteful paneer and vegetable stuffing
– Making the roll shape efficiently
– Complete meal
– Savoury Monkey Bread
– Making a saucy vege mix
– Coating and baking the bread
– Pan cooked, pull apart bread
– Great for get togethers

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