3 days Restaurant Style North Indian Curries workshop by Ani Setia


No added color | No MSG | No Preservatives
3 Spice mixes | 5 Gravies | 10 Curries
Day 1 (3 hrs)
– Understanding of Indian Spices and their role in north Indian food
– Tandoori Spice Mix Recipe
– Garam masala spice mix Recipe
– Kadhai masala Recipe
– 5 types of Gravy Recipes
o Makhani Gravy (Orange – Red Gravy)
o Kadhai gravy (Red/Brown Gravy)
o Korma Gravy (White Gravy)
o Kofta Gravy (Yellow Gravy)
o Dhaba Style Gravy
Day 2 (2 hrs)
– Using the gravies and masalas in curries
– 5 types of curry recipes
o Paneer Makhani (Jain Version)
o Paneer Butter Masala (also Veg Buter masala)
o Paneer Tikka Masala (also Mashroom Tikka Masala)
o Kadahi Paneer (also Kadahai Veg)
o Home style Dahi Paneer (Dahi Aalu)
Day 3 (2 hrs)
– Make Rogan
– Use gravies to make more curries (5 more)
o Malai Kofta (Also Veg Kofta)
o Shahi Paneer
o Paneer Korma
o Mix veg Korma
o Paneer/Bhindi Do Pyaza
– Green Gravy

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