Natural’s Style Ice cream and more – 2 day Workshop by Ani


Ice creams are the most unavoidable summer treat!
Either us or Someone we love is indulging in the ice-cream affair.
Most of the packed ice creams we get are nothing but chemically made, air induced packs of unhealthy Junk.
Let’s make natural’s style ice creams with easy ingredients and equipment.
To register:
Paytm | Gpay | Phonepe @ +91-88245-49562
& WhatsApp the screenshot to the same number.
Credit / Debit Card option is also available.
We cover:
– Ice cream base with easily available ingredients and equipment
– Low Fat Ice-cream base (Eggless Gelato kind)
– Tips on quick flavoring
– Universally usable Ratios for Natural fruit flavors
– Tips to make market like cups, bars and bricks
– No GMS | No CMC | No Whipping Cream | No Ice Cream Machine | No whipping process
Styles covered:
– Scoopable ice creams
– Soft serve ice creams to be served in a cone
– Bar Ice-creams
– Coated bar Ice creams (Magnum, Chocobar, Bomber and so on)
Flavors covered:
Classic Favours:
– Vanilla Bean (best version of vanilla you will have)
– Ageless Butterscotch (No Alcohol version)
– Chocolate Chunk
– Fresh chunky Mango
– Paan Gulkand
– Kaju Draksh
– Kesar Pista
– Popular Vote
– Popular Vote
– Tender Coconut (Vegan version) (dicussion only)
Trending and Exotic flavors
– Choco Brownie
– Crème de Expresso (Coffee)
– Vanilla Gold Streak (Salted caramel)
– Pistachio Cranberry (Gelato based)
– Strawberry Cheesecake
– Rocky Roads (Chocolate marshmallow)
– Vanilla Chocolate Magnum Bar (similar to Choco bar)
– Nutty Double chocolate Magnum Bar
– Biscoff double coated Mangnum Bar
– Popular Vote Magnum
You get:
1. LIVE Zoom session with limited seats.
2. PDF Recipes
3. Live query resolution
4. Lifetime access to videos
5. Lifetime Whatsapp support on queries

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