Restaurant Style Mocktails and Summer Coolers (3 days)


3-Day Workshop
How about chilled drinks that not only quench the thirst but also cool you down inside out?
This summer let’s make Café style mocktails at home with better ingredients and one fourth the cost.
Also, make Go Satvik style healthier summers coolers that can give those fancy mocktails a run for their money.
To register:
Paytm | Gpay | Phonepe @ +91-88245-49562
& WhatsApp the screenshot to the same number.
We Cover:
– Basics of making a mocktail
– How to combine flavors
– How to replace artificial ingredients with fresh ones
– How to make expensive syrups at home
– How to use mocktail accessories
– How to prepare mocktail glass
– How to prepare garnish skewers
– How to make homestyle fresh fruit Mocktails
– How to make homemade desi syrups
– How to mix to create interesting flavors
– Homemade versions of expensive mocktail syrups
– How to make layered mocktails/drinks
Recipes Covered
Day 1
– Mocktail basics
– Mocktail Equipment and alternatives
– Home Made Curacao Syrup (Blue)
– Homemade Grenadine syrup (Red)
– Virgin Mojito
– Watermelon Mojito
– Citrus Mojito
– Spiced Mango Mojito
– Sweet and salty Grape Mojito
– Blue Lagoon
– Shirley Temple
– Virgin Margarita
Day 2
– Homemade Tomato Juice
– Homemade Coconut milk
– Homemade Pineapple juice
– Virgin Mary
– Virgin Pina Colada
– Mango Mule
– Ombre Sunset
– Triple Flair (3-layer Mocktail)
– Peach Herbed Iced Tea
– Grapefruit/Orange Spritzer
– Cucumber Mint Cooler
Day 3
Desi Coolers:
– Masala Lemonade
– Pinky Lemonade (Rose/Strawberry)
– Raw Mango Cooler
– Saunf Sharbat Syrup and Instant Drink
– Jeera Sharbat Syrup and Instant Drink
– Kokum cooler
– Ginger Mint Limade – using mausambi(Ginger Ale discussed)
– Sattu Sharbat
– Bel Sharbat

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