Homemade Cheese – 3 Day workshop by Ani


Cheese has found a permanent space in most of the Indian Kitchens. Kids cannot let go cheese, and older ones love it too.

But have you ever read the labels of the cheese packets you buy?

The chemicals and preservatives used in them shall give you all the reasons to not buy anymore and Make it at home.

And we are here to make your journey easy.

To register:
Paytm | Gpay | Phonepe @ 088245 49562
& WhatsApp the screenshot to the same number.

Credit / Debit Card option is also available.

We Cover:

– How to make cheese from scratch
– How to replicate most popular flavors
– Which milk is best for which cheese
– 100% Vegetarian recipes
– No Rennet recipes
– How to store Cheese
– How to package and sell
– How to make flavored cheese
– Use of cheese in recipes

Recipes covered:

– Mozzarella (Stretchy Italian cheese – Pizza Special)
– Processed Cheese block (Firmer cheese – Multipurpose)
– Sliced Cheese (Setting slices – Sandwich Special)
– Cheese Spread (Spreadable cheese – Multipurpose)
Variation: Herbed Cheese Spread
Variation: Chilli Cheese Spread
– Cream Cheese
Variation: Cream Cheese Spreadable
– Burrata Cheese (Trending)
– Feta Cheese (Greek Cheese – Salad Special)
– Paneer (Soft yet firm and shaped)
Variation: Masala Paneer
– Cheesy Dip
Variation: Cheese Fondue
– Vegan Cheese Spread
Vegan Feta (crumbly) Cheese

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