Gajak | Chikki | Laddu – 2 Day Workshop by Ani


Sakranti is Gone, but Winter is on!
So, it is a must to enjoy, relish and savor the goodness of gud, peanuts and til!
This is an ageless combo, not just in terms of taste but in terms of the enormous health benefits it offers.
Eating this combo for in right proportion for 2 months is enough for the rest of the year.
So, let’s make it right and easy at home, with the purest of ingredients.
Because of great shelf life it is also an amazing sell.
Add this to your menu and contribute to the health of your clientele
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We Cover:
– How to Make 12 types of gajaks, laddus and chikkis
– How to store and package them.
– How to procure and store organic gud.
– Easy no cook recipes included.
– How to work with hot Gud
– How to manage and maintain thickness of gajak
– How to make crispy Chikkis
– How to make softer gajaks
Recipes covered:
– Classic Til Gud (Jaggery) Chikki
– More til optimal gud
– Flavouring the chikki
– Discussion – Chocolate chikki
– Classic Til Laddu
– Soft laddus without Mawa
– Picking the right variety of til and Gud
– Variation – Dry Fruit Chikki
– Soft Peanut til gud (jaggery) laddu
– Super simple no cook recipe
– Variations and flavours discussion
– Classic Peanut Chikki
– More peanuts, optimum gud (jaggery)
– Crushed peanut Chikki
– Lonavala Style Chikki
– Classic Murmura Chikki
– Variation – Murmura Laddu
– Variation – Bajra/jowar puff Laddu
– Singhdana (Peanut) Laddu
– Crunchiest peanut laddu
– Lightly sweet with nuts
– Soft Gud (Jaggery) til Gajak
– Classic method – stretching and beating
– Understanding and working with hot gud
– Options of including Dried fruit for shahi variation
Malai Gajak
– No Stretching and beating
– No mawa option included
– Cham Cham Gajak
– Variation – with mixes seeds
– Variation – with coconut
– Gajak Roll
– Easy technique
– Variation discussed – stuffed gajak roll
Til Patti (Papad)
– Gud and Sugar options
– Best ways to store and package til pattis
– Revdi
– Easy method
– Gud and unrefined sugar options discussed
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