Diwali Special – Dry Snacks (Farsan) Masterclass by Ani Setia


!! 2-day workshop !!
Sev, Nimki, Shakkarpare, Wafers, Chidva we have you completely covered for the Diwali cooking spree.
How about making them non fried? Yes…covered.
How about avoiding Maida? Yes….covered again!
How about some new flavours? Yes…covered yet again!!
We Cover: (no fried versions covered for all)
Day 1
– Classic Mathri
– Herbed Mathri
– Peri Peri masala Mathri
– Classic Papdi (puri)
– Methi Papdi
– Masala Oats papdi
– Classic Nimki (namak pare)
– Tikoni Nimki
– Chessy Nimki
– Classic Shakkar Pare
– Gud Pare
– Chocolate Shakkar pare
Day 2
– Classic besan sev (bhujia)
– Aalu Bhujia
– Classic Chidva (poha trail mix)
– Oats Chidva
– Classic Chakli
– Falafel Chakli
– Classic salted Potato Wafers
– Tomato Wafers

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