Tastified Amla recipes – 2 day Workshop by Ani


That even the kids will relish
Amla aka Gooseberry aka “The Amritphal” is the as good as its name suggests. It is Nature’s ultimate love with uncountable benefits.
We can juice it or use it in chutneys and curries everyday while it is season, how bout when it it is not?
Let’s tastyfiy the fruit and preserve it for rest of the year in ways we love and the ways that kids will also cherish.
We bring 8 Classic recipes minus the refined sugar. How to maintain the nutrients as best at possible while preserving for months to come.
We Cover
– Amla in brine
– Amla Candy – Sweet
– Amla Candy – Chatpati
– Amla goli (gatagat)
– Amla Chunda (khatta meetha achar)
– Amla Murabba
– Amla Khatta teekha Achar
– Amla Churan (powder)

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